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Herbal Side-Effects

Many people believe that Herbs are harmless and free of any side-effects. This is not true, even herbs can have risks. Herbs can interact with other herbs, vitamins and with prescribed medication, this is the reason it is important to pay attention towhat you are taking, when you are taking it and what you are mixing it with. With professional guidance and propercombinations, herbs, medications and vitamins can be extremely beneficial to the healing process.


It is important to discuss your herbs, vitamins and medications with a qualified herbalist or holistic practitioner.

Many patients leave their medical doctor's office and go to the health food store, vitamin store or worse yet, the internet, to purchase vitamins and herbs. It is easy to look online to find an herbal "cure" however, this type of general information does not consider your specific conditions that may include; allergies, sensitivities, age, interactions, organ weaknesses (damaged kidney, gallbladder pancreas etc..), or other specific information unique to you and your health. Guessing at the herbs and supplements you think you need, may not be what is required for your body, organs and cells to heal.

There isalso the question of WHAT DOSAGE DO I TAKE? and WHAT IS THE QUALITY OF THE HERBS & VITAMINS? Dosages will vary from person to person depending on size,weight, existing health conditions or thenecessary results. Quality of herbs and vitamins should be a top concern, many herbs and vitamins tested showed little, to no listed properties. If the herbs are not properly harvested and prepared, they will be of low value to thehuman body and healing results will be poor.

For each individual condition there is an art to combining herbs and finding the correct herbal combination. Seeking qualified help will ensure a speedy recovery.

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