Do we Need Vitamins?


Do we really need Vitamins? No, we would not:

* If our soil was nourished naturally
* If we ate correctly
* If our air and ground was not polluted
* If our foods were not sprayed with chemicals
* If our foods were not genetically altered and sterilized.

However, our foods are nutritionally compromised.

There are so many different vitamins claiming to be “ natural” and the “cure all”, how do we tell the difference?  We can’t. Marketing and labeling is so confusing that it is virtually impossible to make a good decision.

Look for a company that grows their own foods to make products.

3 Replies to “Do we Need Vitamins?”

  1. Look forward to the rest of the blogs, so I will know what to do.
    What if i have an immediate need. Are you available for consultation?

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