Cabinet Full of Vitamins!!!

Why is it that most people today have a cabinet full of vitamins?  It is because of advertising, the advise of well-meaning family members and a serious lack of knowledge.

Aging, illness, fatigue, constipation and  pain will motivate us to run to the drug store or shop online for vitamins.  But, we usually end up buying  poor quality nutrients.

Many of these products work from what I call “the kitchen sink” approach.  These products include synthetic vitamins, poor quality herbs, dyes and ingredients to mask rancid odors.

But what are we getting?  We get products that tax our organs, products that affect the cells of our body adversely and products that are not combined correctly.

For example:

* Potassium should be taken with Vitamin B6, and Sodium.  Absorption can be interfered with by iron, aluminum and magnesium which form insoluble phosphates.  The calcium-phosphorus balance is also disturbed by eating white sugar.

* Calcium should be taken with hydrochloric acid – certain trace minerals and vitamins A, C, D and F.  Even though calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, calcium absorption is very inefficient, only about 20% to 30% of ingested calcium is absorbed.   Calcium needs acid for proper assimilation. If acid is not present in the body, calcium is not dissolved and cannot be used as needed.   Instead the calcium builds up in tissue, arteries or joints as calcium deposits, eventually leading to a variety of health issues.

* Herbs should be taken separately and no more than 3 herbs at a time.

* Certain vitamins should be taken in the mornings or evenings, some with food, some on an empty stomach.  But when so many vitamins and herbs are combined in one product, it becomes ineffective and toxic in our body.

Through lack of knowledge we fall prey to marketing.  My suggestion is to find a qualified holistic doctor. Taking a hodge-podge of nutrients will not ensure your good health.

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